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Clothing Websites That Accept Bitcoin Throughout the World

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Clothing Websites That Accept Bitcoin

When bitcoin was released 12 years ago, it promised that it would be the world's next future. Today, around 14% of adults Americans own and use cryptocurrency to pay for their needs. The amount is still not big, but it is developing. The number of stores that are accepting this currency is also increasing. But are there any clothing websites that accept bitcoin?

Luckily many big brands have been accepting bitcoin in the past few years. Therefore, without having to transfer with your ATM, you can pay for your clothes. Some even offer a bitcoin bonus when you use this payment. Now for those wondering, here are some clothing websites that accept bitcoin for their payment:

1. Nike

One of the first clothing websites that accept bitcoin in almost all its stores and also their online shop is Nike. With many options, people can choose to buy shoes, jackets, clothes, training and many more. All the prices available on their website can be changed into cryptocurrency so you don’t get confused. 

Once you finish shopping just check out as normal and then pay using your bitcoin. If you are lucky, you can get additional cashback or a bonus from your purchase. However, customers must know that bitcoin applies to Nike stores in the USA only. 

So, if you are in another country, and decide to buy from their website, it will take some time before receiving the packet. 

2. H&M 

Another clothing website that accepts bitcoin when you shop is H&M. This is one of the top clothing brands in the world that provides fast-fashion clothing for men, women, and kids. On top of that, they also offer shoes, bags, and jewelry to complete your performance. However, like Nike, currently, this option is only available for websites in the USA, Puerto Rico, and Canada. 

There are 2 ways of buying H&M products online. First, using your bitcoin, you can buy a gift card with a certain nominal. Then, using that gift card, you can start shopping online normally. The second option is just like the normal shopping process. However, rather than transferring or paying with your credit card, just copy their bitcoin address into your wallet. Then, type in the right amount and click send. 

3. Etsy

If you want to buy some clothes but from different brands, then try to check out Etsy. This leading e-commerce website sells many kinds of products from jewelry, beauty products to clothing. A great thing about shopping at Etsy, which provides many kinds of brands. Therefore, people can come to this website and buy many brands at once.
Another great thing about Etsy is that most of its sellers now accept bitcoin for their payment. When you have finished shopping, select another payment method to pay. Then, write down that you want to pay using bitcoin. The system will then notify the seller about the payment. When the sellers agree, the customers will then send their bitcoin payment to the seller or Etsy. 


Looking for branded items with low prices from online websites? If so, then come and visit They offer many branded kinds of stuff with very low prices that you can buy online! The best part is you can buy them from anywhere and anytime. During Christmas, there are extra sales which will make the branded clothes even cheaper. 

The online store also provides many kinds of payments for their customers, such as debit cards, ATM cards, and even bitcoin. To pay using bitcoin, customers just need to copy the bitcoin address and paste it into the wallet. Then, put the amount that you need to pay and click send. When the success notification appears, will then send your products. 

5. Hadasshe Fashion

There is also a woman and kid clothing retailer in Miami Florida that accepts bitcoin for their payment. On this clothing website, many options of shirts and dresses will make kids with their mommies look even better. You can even choose the currency you want to pay for such as USD, SGD, and many more. It also offers free shipping to more than 100 countries in the world!

As it ships worldwide, the online shop also accepts many kinds of payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard, Google Play to bitcoin, and bitcoin cash. The process is also the same as many stores where people just need to copy the bitcoin address of the store. Then, pay the amount that you have shopped so your items can be delivered. 

6. Amazon Through

If you normally shop at Amazon but want to shop with bitcoin cash or bitcoin, don’t worry because it is still possible. As one of the biggest retailers online, Amazon sells many kinds of personal needs such as clothing to accessories. With many buyers every day, Amazon provides many kinds of payment methods, but unfortunately, bitcoin is not one of their official ones. 

However, those who are interested in paying with bitcoin can use to shop for anything on Amazon. This site connects people who have and use bitcoin to sellers that also accept bitcoin as payment. So not all sellers and products can receive this payment but at least there is a media that can help customers pay using bitcoin. 

7. Macy’s

Make sure to keep looking good throughout the year by buying clothes at Macy's. The store offers many kinds of clothing that will make you look cool and fashionable, whatever the season is. Luckily, people can now purchase their products offline or online. 

As for those who choose to buy online, there are a few methods that you can use. Other than credit and debit cars, customers can use gift cards or bitcoin to pay for their shopping list. Or if you want to buy a card gift for your loved ones, you can buy them through Crypto Refills using bitcoin too!

So, with the development of technology, there are now many clothing websites that accept bitcoin. The payment process is also easy just like other kinds of payment methods such as credit cards or debit cards. Just copy the address of the bitcoin of the store and type in the amount you must pay. Then, just click send to end the process.***

Clothing Websites That Accept Bitcoin Throughout the World

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