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Home Builders That Accept Bitcoin as a Payment Method

If you want to know about home builders and bitcoin, this article will discuss home builders that accept bitcoin.
Stories about cryptocurrencies and bitcoins are flooding the news feeds lately. To speed up payment acceptance and make it easier for customers to transact, some home builder companies accept bitcoin as a payment method. If you want to know about home builders and bitcoin, this article will discuss home builders that accept bitcoin.

There are many benefits of using cryptocurrencies for home builders, for example, they will get paid faster than other electronic payment methods. 

Then, using bitcoin also avoids calculating exchange rates so that international payments are easier. Crypto payments are also good for PR so some home building companies use bitcoin as their payment method. 

The following is a list of home builders that accept bitcoin:

Home Builders That Accept Bitcoin as a Payment Method

Home Builders That Accept Bitcoin as a Payment Method

1. Naples Luxury Building, Inc.

This is one of the home builders that accept bitcoin. Besides bitcoin, this luxury home contractor also accepts ethereum payments. In fact, Naples Luxury Builders considers that its clients can pay with other cryptocurrencies. Moreover, this home builder realized that ever since they accepted bitcoin, their net worth continued to grow.

This is because more options for paying means more potential buyers and ultimately more money. Then, bitcoin also makes transactions smoother. Moreover, one of the listing agents, Hans Haedelt stated that within one week he received calls from two to three people asking about bitcoin payments.
In the long run, this is a piece of good news for Naples Luxury Builders. This is because they invest at the right time and prepare the company for great success in the future.

2. Oakmore Builders

The first home builder company in the world to accept bitcoin payments was Oakmore Builders. The company accepts bitcoin payments as part of an innovative plan for the company's future operations. They also believe that bitcoin's value and future are positive for global markets.

The existence of bitcoin makes transactions faster because you only need to press a button anywhere in the world and the recipient can directly save it or vice versa. The existence of a bitcoin payment system in a home builder company is believed to be able to revolutionize this industry when it moves to a new era.

Then, Oakmore Builders also believes that paying via bitcoin not only saves you money as a client but is a good long-term and short-term investment for home builder companies. Oakmore Builders became the leading building company across South East London. In addition, it reached a turnover of £1 million in 2019 and will increase in the years to come, especially after accepting bitcoin payments.

3. Overton

This is one of the home builders that accept bitcoin in East Anglia. They believe accepting bitcoin as a payment system will be a good step for years to come. Then, they also want to show their clients how motivated they are to respond to the market and continue their growth as a leading company. Overton also believes that cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin will increasingly be used transactionally.

In addition, using bitcoin has many advantages, for example, transactions become faster in just seconds. Then, cryptocurrencies are also transparent making it safe for them as well as their clients. This home builder will also take advantage of bitcoin payments as a good investment. However, they are also aware that there are quite a lot of risks involved in implementing payments using bitcoin.

4. Stratton Exteriors

If you're not familiar, Stratton Exteriors is a full-service contractor company, they accept custom home builds and also do high-end renovations. Then, they also do high-end railings, decks, and verandas. This contractor company encourages its clients to make payments using bitcoin by providing a 10% service discount

So, this is one of the home builders that accept bitcoin. Then, the company also allows its clients to pay with Litecoin and Ethereum. They dare to use the payment system with bitcoin to protect their company due to inflation. This is because labor costs go up and wood costs also go up.

The company also sees great value in holding and buying crypto assets. The company also plans to keep the asset because it believes that one-day bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will be much more valuable.

5. Orocco

This is a very innovative Scottish home builder or construction company. Founded in 2012, Morocco is one of the country's most forward-thinking companies in this sector. The company specializes in high-end building and renovation works. Moreover, it is one of the home builders that accepts bitcoin, dogecoin, XRP, stellar, and ethereum.

So, if the client's project is done, they can complete the payment in cryptocurrency. Orocco believes that using cryptocurrencies in the payment system makes its services faster, safer, and more secure. For every client who pays using bitcoin, the transaction goes smoothly from start to finish.

Then, they also see if cryptocurrencies will develop in a better and positive direction. By accepting payments with cryptocurrencies, Orocco has become a very innovative company in the UK. They want to be a company that advances and develops with time.

6. Dundee McGill

Homebuilder company Dundee McGill accepts cryptocurrencies including bitcoin as payment for their services. In addition, the company is partnering with payment gateway provider CoinGate. Thus, the company also accepts payments in over 50 different crypto coins, including bitcoin, dogecoin, litecoin, and ethereum.

So, Dundee McGill is one of the first home builders that accept bitcoin in the UK. They decided to accept cryptocurrencies due to expanding the private and domestic market. Later, the Financial Conduct Authority announced that around 2.3 million people in the UK hold cryptocurrencies. Then, the number is expected to increase by about 400 thousand during the year.

Thus, by accepting payments using cryptocurrencies, many people can more easily spend their cryptocurrencies, including building and renovating houses. Then, using cryptocurrency is also one of the companies to modernize the business and secure future success in the long term. Then, the company will also develop quickly and boldly by innovating something new.

Now you know some home builders that accept bitcoin. They use bitcoin to make payment transactions easier for their clients and as a corporate innovation. Using bitcoin is also good for home builder companies to continue to advance and develop despite the risks they face.

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