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3 Gas Stations That Accept Bitcoin, Let's Find Out!

This article will discuss 3 gas station that accept Bitcoin as a means of payment when transacting.
3 Gas Station That Accept Bitcoin, Let's Find Out!

A transaction and payment system is currently being developed using Crypto currencies, such as Bitcoin. Bitcoin Payment or Bitpay can be used for shopping for physical products, online shopping, and even gas station that accept Bitcoin payment methods.

Unfortunately, Bitcoin has not been legalized and legalized as legal tender in many countries. While in the United States, there are already many retailers that provide payments using Bitpay, such as Starbucks, Subway, and Tesla.

This article will discuss 3 gas station that accept Bitcoin as a means of payment when transacting. Of course, these 3 places are located in western countries, yes! Let's see the following explanation.

Get to know Bitcoin and its Functions

First, let's get to know Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a virtual currency with only 21 million coins available. Therefore, the value of Bitcoin tends to be stable due to the limited number of circulating Bitcoins available.

Obtaining Bitcoin can be done in two ways: mining and buying, and selling Bitcoin on special platforms that provide Bitcoin buying and selling facilities.

As the name suggests, Bitcoin is not only used as a means of transactions and payments but can also be used as an investment medium with a stable value so that it becomes an investment that is starting to be favored by the world community.

Bitcoin as an investment tool has been widely used by people in this world. However, as a means of payment, many countries have still not made bitcoin a legal means of buying and selling. 

Next is a discussion about gas station that accept Bitcoin payment methods to increase our knowledge regarding payments using Bitcoin as a transaction tool.

List of Gas station that accept Bitcoin

Western countries such as the United States have succeeded in implementing Bitcoin as a legal transaction tool and are recognized. One of them, Bitcoin, can be used to purchase gasoline.

The following explains 3 gas station that accept Bitcoin as payment methods. Let's check it out!

Gas station that accept Bitcoin

1. Coin Fueled

A vehicle fuel business called Coin Fueled is one gas station that accepts payments using the Bitpay system. Coin Fueled is a retail gas and service station business available in several places in the United States and Canada.

Coin Fueled accepts payments for gasoline purchases they call gasoline using the Bitcoins you own. In addition, Coin Fueled also accepts Bitpay via prepaid gift cards to make it easier for buyers.

For more detailed information about Coin Fueled's major gas station brands, you can visit the official Coin Fueled website via the following Url:

2. VET d.o.o

The next list includes gas and service stations located in Slovenia, United States of America. These gas station that accept Bitcoin as payment methods are called VET d.o.o. Like Coin Fueled, VET also accepts prepaid Bitcoin gift cards as a transaction tool.

In addition to being in the vehicle fuel business, VET has also entered the business of household appliance products, such as heating and air conditioning equipment, to maintain your home's temperature according to your needs.

Of course, this makes it easier for customers to fulfill their daily needs purchases using Bitcoin Payment easily and practically. VET is one of the companies that deserve thumbs up in its modern payment system.

3. Cosmic Market

Cosmic Market is also one gas station that accepts Bitcoin as a payment method for vehicle fuel purchases. Cosmic Market is a convenience store that also serves gasoline purchases.

Quoted from, Shahzad Sarwar, the owner of Cosmic Market, explained why he used the Bitcoin Payment system as a transaction tool in his shop.

Sarwar said that he did this in addition to making it easier for his customers when shopping and supporting the Bitcoin community to make it more known by many people in general.

In addition, Sarwar also said that transacting using Bitcoin can save credit card transaction fees, so transacting using Bitcoin is much more profitable.

Not only for gasoline, but Cosmic Market also accepts purchases of products at the convenience store using Bitcoin as a means of payment. Interesting, isn't it?

Bitcoin as a Representative of Modern Transaction Methods

In addition to the three fuel stations described earlier, it is likely that more fuel stations will open bitcoin payments from day today. This is because the value of bitcoin is increasing day by day.

The United States government has economically decided that bitcoin is a legal and useable cryptocurrency. So, as long as the value of bitcoin is still high in society, many public facilities will accept bitcoin.

For those of you who live in the United States or are enjoying a vacation at the Statue of Liberty's house, you can stop by and visit the 3 gas station that accept Bitcoin as payment methods that have been recommended previously yes.

That's the discussion about gas station that accept Bitcoin. Basically, bitcoin has also been used as a transaction tool in other sectors. Starting from supermarkets to large companies in various market segments for goods and services.

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