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Check These Australian Websites that Accept Bitcoin as a Paying Method

Due to technology and the internet, nowadays many merchants and companies are now accepting bitcoin as payment.
Due to technology and the internet, nowadays many merchants and companies are now accepting bitcoin as payment. Since its first release in 2019, more than 15,000 businesses worldwide are now starting to accept bitcoins. Not only American websites, but many Australian websites are also starting to accept this method for their daily payment. Let’s get to know the Australian websites that accept bitcoin for their transaction!

One of the reasons why many Australian companies are starting to accept bitcoin is because it has lower transaction fees compared to credit cards. The fraud risk is lower which is surely beneficial for both the company and owners. Finally, crypto payments are normally quicker compared to payments through traditional banking, so it is better for the sellers too.

Australian Websites that Accept Bitcoin

List of Australian Websites that Accepts Bitcoin

Luckily these days, more and more stores are now accepting bitcoin as their payments. One of the places in the world that has many stores accepting bitcoin in Australia. They have many offline and online shopping that you can choose from. For those wondering, here is the list of Australian websites that accepts bitcoin in their stores:

1. BitsShopping

Just by reading the name of the online shop, people will know that this store accepts bitcoin in their store. In this online shop, people can do many things starting from tech equipment, pet toys, home appliances, and many more. Even though they are in Australia, they ship worldwide, so even though you are in another country, you can still purchase products from this website.

 For the price, customers can choose a broad range of currencies such as BTC, LTC to BCH. This also goes with the paying method where customers can pay using GoCoin, Coinbase, and Bitcoin. The paying process is also very easy as you just need to follow the steps that appear on the screen.

2. Zumi

One of the Australian websites that accept bitcoin and sell electronic products is Zumi. Yes, this is one of the stores where you can buy electronic products for a cheaper price, because it has fewer transaction fees. Of all the products they have, one of the best-selling products is iPhone X and PS4. And luckily you can get these products by paying with bitcoin.   

To pay with bitcoin, customers must check out first. Then, customers will see a list of payment methods that they can choose from. Choose to pay with BitPay and follow the steps that occur. After you have succeeded in following the steps, all you need to do is wait for the product to be delivered. The process is as easy as that!

3. Overstock

One of the first Australian websites that accept bitcoin and many other kinds of digital currency is Overstock. Who doesn’t know this big e-commerce company in Australia? With many products to sell, almost all Australians have used this website to shop. Luckily, they provide many kinds of digital currency and payment which makes it easy to shop and pay.

From all the payments they provide, they also provide bitcoin as one of their payments. When checking out, customers just need the digital currency first then bitcoin as the payment method. Last, type in the total amount of your expense and pay it with your bitcoins.

4. Microsoft

Not only in Australia but all Microsoft websites now accept bitcoin for any kind of purchase. They have been accepting bitcoin since 2014 until today. However, they online accept in their Xbox store credits. So, if you are planning to buy a Microsoft product online, make sure to buy them from Xbox store credits.

5. eGifter

Wondering what to give for your loved ones using bitcoin? You can purchase them bitcoins, however, not everyone might understand how to use this method of payment. Therefore, rather than buying them bitcoins, why not buy gift cards from eGifter. Here, you can buy them gift cards from large online stores and big retailers that sell many kinds of products.

The best thing is, as one of the Australian websites that accept bitcoin, you can use crypto for your payment! There are no additional payment fees through the paying process, therefore the cost can be cheaper compared to other stores.

6. FOMO LIama

This website is unique but also interesting because it sells mostly crypto-themed t-shirts. Yes, because it sells this themed t-shirt no wonder, they accept payments using cryptocurrency only. They aim to promote and educate people from their t-shirt where they have designed it uniquely. 

However, currently, they only accept bitcoin and Litecoin for their payment. But don’t worry as they are planning to add more options for cryptocurrencies.

7. Mooning Market

One of the online platforms that are much like eBay and Etsy in Australia where you can also use bitcoin to pay is the Mooning market. This market provides you with almost everything you need from electronic products to daily needs. Luckily in this market, people can safely spend and earn bitcoin when they shop or sell.  

To use bitcoin in this online shop, people will need to send the coins to the address informed in your account. The minimum deposit you must store is 0.0001 BTC. If you deposit below this number, then it will be lost, so make sure to put in more than that.

After you have purchased the product you want, just shop as normal, then check out and choose to pay with your bitcoins. If you succeed, then your deposit will be reduced by the number of bitcoins you spend.

What You Need to Shop Using Bitcoins

Before shopping on these Australian websites that accept bitcoin, the first thing you must do is prepare a bitcoin wallet. There are 2 kinds of wallets that you can use to store the bitcoins, the first is a software wallet, second is a hardware wallet. Both options of wallets are safe to use, however, if you want it safer and more private it is better to choose physical devices as it is less susceptible to hacks.

So, if you’re planning to shop and looking for Australian websites that accept bitcoin, then check the ones above first. The websites above provide many kinds of products from daily needs to electronic products.***

Australian Websites that Accept Bitcoin

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