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How Many Merchants Accept Bitcoin as a Payment Tool?

How many merchants accept bitcoin? Here are some merchants that accept bitcoin as a means of payment.
How Many Merchants Accept Bitcoin

Several giant companies started to open transactions using bitcoin payment tools. Then, in Indonesia, how many merchants accept bitcoin? Here are some merchants that accept bitcoin as a means of payment.

Some Merchants Accept Bitcoin as a Payment Tool

The bitcoin fever has spread to all corners of the world, including Indonesia. It makes some merchants accept payments via bitcoin as legal tender.

1. Republikhost

Republikhost site is a site that provides Domain Hosting for your website needs. If you need a premium website like (.com, .id, etc.), you can get it through this site. On this site, you can buy with the bitcoin payment method.

From this Republikhost site, you can get various hosting facilities that are quite adequate and are mined with payment support via bitcoin. So that bitcoin holders can pay quickly without converting to Rupiah first.


How many merchants accept bitcoin? One of them is is a site that provides crypto mining, such as Bitcoin, Altcoin, or Ethereum. Not only that, but this merchant also offers spare parts that are used for cryptographic activities.

However, the payment terms set by BTC-Indo use IDR Currencies. This website also serves Pre-order products such as Antiminer D3 + 15 GHz, which is directly imported from abroad for 55 million Rupiah.

3. Peekaboo

One online shopping site that provides the following Bitcoin payment method is Peekaboo. This online shopping site offers various needs of mothers and babies, such as baby boy clothes, baby girl clothes, and different other needs of mothers and babies.

On this Peekaboo site, we provide various imported quality baby products at affordable prices.


How many merchants accept Bitcoin? One of them is This shopping site for merchants, resellers, and dropshippers also provides payments via Bitcoin. offers several products, including baby needs, electronics, watches, kitchen utensils, accessories, wallets, raincoats, and many other products. The advantage of is that buyers can buy retail or wholesale.

Offline Merchants Accepting Payments With Bitcoin

Through online shopping, but in Indonesia itself, several offline merchants provide payment systems via Bitcoin.

1. Semesta Rental Car

Semesta Rental Car is located at Jalan Utari 1B No. 1, Pondok Indrapasta, Semarang. Here you can rent various types of cars complete with a driver for those of you who want to get around the city of Semarang. The advantage of this Semesta Rental Car is that it provides a payment method using Bitcoin.

2. Ubud Restaurant

This restaurant, located in Ubud, Bali, also rents out an Ubud hotel equipped with charming facilities. The payment methods offered here also vary, ranging from cash to using Bitcoin as a payment method.

3. Wijaya Motor

Wijaya Motor, located at Jalan Jenderal Sudirman 257, Bandung, is a dealer and an official Honda motorcycle repair shop. There you can buy a motorbike or service using the Bitcoin payment method.

4. Cafe Upstairs

How many merchants accept Bitcoin, a cafe located on Jalan Cikini Raya No. 45 Cikini, Jakarta. At this cafe, you can buy drinks, food and rent various other facilities with the Bitcoin payment method.

5. Valley Spa & Viceroy, Bali

In Lembah Spa & Viceroy, this resort area provides various facilities, such as spas, hotels, 360° Travel, and many others. In this area, you can pay using the payment method in the form of Bitcoin.

6. PT. My Light

How many merchants accept Bitcoin as a payment method, namely PT. My Light. PT, located on Prof. D. Latumenten, Gg Hasbilan 3 No. 11, Jakarta, is engaged in providing goods made of plastic.

7. Symbian

The shop is located on Jalan Moneng Sepati, No. 66, Lubuk Linggau, South Sumatra. Symbian is a telephone and cellular shop. Products sold there, such as Android mobile phones and other gadgets, can be paid for using Bitcoin.

Advantages of Trading Using Bitcoin

Some people prefer to transact using Bitcoin because it has several reasons they think are profitable. Some of the advantages are as follows.

1. No Banking Fees

One of the reasons some people choose to transact using Bitcoin is that it does not incur banking fees. These banking fees usually occur when you transact electronically using traditional money.

In addition, by using Bitcoin, there is no need for account maintenance fees or a minimum balance when you use Bitcoin.

2. Low International Transaction Fee

The government does not bind Bitcoin, so it does not require additional fees when converting into currency. The transfer speed and delivery are the second reason some people choose to use Bitcoin.

3. Flexible

You can now install various Bitcoin Wallets on your desktop or mobile device. It makes Bitcoin transactions more flexible. To transact using Bitcoin, you only need an internet connection to transact anytime and anywhere.

How to Trade Using Bitcoin

After knowing how many merchants accept Bitcoin and the advantages of transacting using Bitcoin, here is how to transact using Bitcoin.

  1. Go to the billing page. This method can be through the billing permalink that you receive in the email or the client area via the Manage Bills menu, manage, and pay bills.
  2. In the payment method, change the payment method using Bitcoin.
  3. The system will provide information about the amount of Bitcoin that you must pay or transfer to the destination address.
  4. Then make a payment according to the information provided
  5. If the Bitcoin network has successfully verified the transaction, your billing status will change to 'Paid.'

Although Bitcoin is known as a currency with wild value and many criticize it, and it is not suitable to be used as a currency, many use Bitcoin as a legal tender.

How many merchants accept Bitcoin in Indonesia also take part in using payment instruments using Bitcoin. It makes it easier for Bitcoin users or investors to transact. 

Although Bank Indonesia confirmed that Bitcoin is not a legal tender, this is regulated in Law no. 7 of 2011, ensuring that the legal medium of exchange is Rupiah.

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