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5 Fintech Applications Examples That Will Change Your Life

So, what are some Fintech Applications Examples that will change your life? Here is a list of sample applications!
Fintech Applications Example - In today's digital era, applications in fintech in Indonesia quickly grab the attention of various groups of people. How not, when there are many Fintech Applications Examples there are many conveniences that can change your life. 

The development of fintech in Indonesia is quite rapid, especially when the existence of various startups began to emerge and began to be widely used by the public. Then actually, what is meant by fintech and examples?

Applications of Fintech

Literally fintech stands for financial technology. So, as the name implies, fintech mean financial applications that allow you to do various things including finance through digital technology.
Then, what are the benefits of fintech? Why is fintech so important in life?

There are many benefits of fintech that you can get. Starting from facilitating transactions and access to finance, facilitating asset management, improving people's lives, accelerating economic turnover, and so on.

Therefore, the existence of fintech is very essential for technological progress in the current era.

Fintech Applications Examples

5 Fintech Applications Examples That Will Change Your Life

Applications of fintech seem to be a new lifestyle for the people of Indonesia, even the world. These technology-based financial applications offer various types of services that can be very profitable for you.

According to Bank Indonesia are four types of fintech, namely crowdfunding, market aggregator, risk and investment management, and payment. The four types of fintech , their use can be very essential for your life.

So, what are some Fintech Applications Examples that will change your life? Here is a list of sample applications!

1. BCA Mobile

BCA mobile is an Fintech Applications Examples in the form of a digital bank. This digital bank application is here as a solution for those of you who need an account but cannot come directly to the bank branch office.

As an example of fintech registered with the OJK, BCA Mobile is clearly a trusted financial service application. 

Then, like other banks, BCA Mobile also offers interest for those of you who deposit money there. In addition to interest, you can also make various transactions such as making transfers, making top ups, making payments, and so on.

2. Modalku

Another example of Indonesian fintech is Modalku. This application is one example of fintech crowdfunding. This type of fintech crowdfunding is a type of fintech that brings together lenders and borrowers.

As the name suggests, at Modalku you can borrow money for business capital purposes. Therefore, Modalku is perfect for you MSME actors who need additional capital so that your business is much more advanced and developed. 

In this application, you can borrow capital without collateral. In addition, the available tenors are also very varied, ranging from three, six, up to twelve months. So, you can adapt it to your needs.


Then, there is DANA, which is one of the digital wallets that exist in Indonesia. This Fintech Applications Examples come with the type of fintech payment. So, you can make financial transactions using this application.

This transaction also includes payments at online stores and payments at offline stores. QRIS technology allows you to perform all kinds of transactions using only one application.

So, with this application, you no longer need to carry a wallet when traveling everywhere. Because you can save money and all payment transactions using the DANA application only.

4. Kredivo

Furthermore, there is also Kredivo which is also a Fintech Applications Examples that is widely used by the people of Indonesia. If you want to pay in installments or make a credit for goods, then Kredivo is the solution.

Kredivo offers flexible, safe, and easy installments for you to use. In addition, you can use Kredivo at more than a thousand merchants, both at merchants online or at offline merchants.

Therefore, this application will be very helpful to make it easier for you to make installments or credit goods. Because, you can do this by relying on this one digital application only.

5. Gopay

Finally, there is Gopay, which is one of Fintech Applications Examples in Indonesian society. This is because you can make any transaction using only Gopay.

Gopay, which is in the Gojek application, will certainly be able to change your life. This is because, apart from being able to be used for transactions at various merchants, you can also use Gopay to pay for motorcycle taxis and taxis online.

Basically, Gopay is a fintech company that will make it easy for you. Moreover, Gopay also often offers various promos, whether it's through discounts or cashback which will certainly benefit you greatly.


application Fintech, which stands for financial technology, is a digital-based financial application whose existence is starting to mushroom in Indonesia. The presence of finance is of course a breath of fresh air for the community.

Various fintech applications will basically make it very easy for you to carry out transactions and other financial-related activities. Therefore, do not be surprised if this fintech application can change your life.

There are 5 Fintech Applications Examples that can change your life. These applications are BCA Mobile, Modalku, DANA, Kredivo, and Gopay. These five applications can be your financial solution.

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